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Sexy and Motivate Workout Guide - They Make Us Want to Try Harder

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100% Alpha Men!

I've followed these guys video channels on youtube for a long time. Their muscIe comes from hard work, sweat and dedication and devotion to diet. So, they have aesthetic and beautiful bodies, 100% perfection and superiority...from head to toe. 100% alpha men! 100% MU5CLE GOD! ... You guys are my hero of work out motivation. Keep being awesome like this as long as you can. Coz you really make me want to try harder ^^ .

Body Update - Muscle Flexing in the Bathroom

Body Update - MuscIe Flexing in the Bathroom

Fitness model idol, Alon Gabbay·with his flexing in the bathroom video. "Keep working out hard and stay dedicated! BOOM!"... We really respect and admiration for this guy's hard work out Alon! I hope he good luck in your next competition!! BOOOMMMMM!!!!! Watching his sexy flexing video, I just wanna say "OMG Alon WOW B E A U T I F U L" Amazing physique.

Fitness Advice To Help Build Muscle and Burn Fat Fast

Fitness Advice To Help Build MuscIe and Burn Fat Fast

Brandon Carter, he has more than 190 fitness advice videos on youtube. You can follow his video post on youtube for his tip to help build muscIe, How to get ripped abs fast! With THE HIGH LIFE WORKOUT PLAN, Learn how to Burn Fat, Build Musc1e and get ripped abs and a six pack FAST! with THE HIGH LIFE WORKOUT PLAN and more ...

Martial Arts Hardcore Training & Fitness Training Motivation

Martial Arts Hardcore Training & Fitness Training Motivation

Great video..you can achieve this by going both to gym and Kickboxing classes, Motivations video.

Marines Challenge

Marines Challenge

Owen Harrison payback time to Dave McIntosh, After Dave Mcintosh set the standard for a brutal Royal Marines-style training circuit, time for Owen Harrison to step up and try and beat Dave's time. The two former Marines were putting themselves through the type of training they did in the military, for a feature in a forthcoming edition of Musc1e & Fitness magazine, with a marines-style circuit that anyone can set up in a gym and challenge their friends, as a way of varying their training. 

Owen, Personal Trainer and one half of the Harrison Twins, devised the circuit, and set himself the task of matching the time set by former TV Gladiator Dave - not an easy job.

Sofa Sixpack Training by Flyinguwe

Sofa Sixpack Training by Flyinguwe

Flyinguwe has more than 250 training and workout tips video on youtube. I want to thanks flyinguwe, he make me change clearly no big steps but this would be totally exaggerated small successes which of course totally drive me.