It's going somewhere...

My virtual relationship is going strong. We send text messages all day long, talk online using VoiP and webcam. It's nice. We exchange emails, share stories and music and even share favorite things over the net. And no, we've never done phone sex or cam sex. It seems too weird.

I really like him. He's young, he's vibrant - a little moody but that's about all. Most of the time we laugh, and we share jokes. We even fight. Yet, it still seems a bit strange. He is thousands and thousands of miles away from me. I have a trip planned next year to visit him and on the other hand, he is ready to move to the U.S. He has the credentials and the ability to come here. He is a nurse. We all know that there will be a shortage of nurses in the U.S. (if there isn't one already) as the baby boomers retire and age. Within the next 10 years and beyond, we will need health care workers in this country to take care of the aging.

I don't know. I still have that image in the back of my mind that we may not click once we see each other face-to-face. I have always found it to be different when you're far apart like this. We wonder in awe and excitement of how things can be. But do we really know? We don't. I guess that adds to the mystery and intrigue of online relationship.

I will tell you how it's going (and if it's still going) as we take the road to closeness and form somewhat of a tie between us. When I meet him in April, you will know exactly how I feel once I return. So keep watch.

In the interim, let me share one of the most gorgeous models around. Jake Campione. He's been featured by Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren and many other designers out there. I'm certain that you would agree that he's at the top of the ranks of our Male Beauties.