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Models and Aspiring Models - - are you out there?

It's a very tough industry. Modeling can make you or break you. I know lots of guys who look awesome but still doesn't have the "IT" factor for movies or magazines to cast them. They have godly bodies and yet, they still don't make the cut.

What makes a model a great model? Are you guys out there? What do you think should be the qualities they should look for?

I would say that there really is something that you can call the "IT" factor. I can look at Antonio Sabato Jr. and know that he has it. Ashton Kutcher has it as well but in a different kind of way. How about Michael Biserta? He is gorgeous but why wouldn't he make the cut if you're casting models for Calvin Klein? That's just it - - you have to have IT and when you do, it has to FIT the mold you are competing for. Am I making sense?