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My Perfect Guys - Male Model Christian Geisselmann


I was stressed out to the max today.  I am going on my third vacation this year.  It was a vacation that was planned a year ago.  If it wasn't important and paid for, I would let this vacation go.  But I can't because it's our first family reunion - ever.

You see, I have two dogs.  I love my dogs to death (contrary to what others may say).  Every time I have to go away on business or vacation, I need to leave them with someone.  I have never placed them in a kennel.  Not only are kennels expensive, but I don't want my dogs to be exposed to diseases like kennel cough or be infested with fleas.

I have left them with trusted friends (I used to have a boyfriend who took care of my dogs when I'm away - but I'm single now...so that's that).  There's no problem with it because I know that my dogs are in good hands.  I appreciate the courtesy my friends offer me whenever I travel.

But there are times (such as now) when I stress out because I am, for all intents and purposes, asking them a favor.  I need to oblige to whatever they ask of me because I am the one asking a favor from them.  

I try, and in everything, I believe I am considerate.  I make sure that my babies have enough food, treats and other things that my babies need. I drive my dogs to my friends' homes (two separate and opposite locations), give them baths the night before so they are clean and pleasant because my goal is not to burden my friends with anything other than taking care of them.



But these people make me feel like I owe them my life.  And I am beginning to wonder whether it's worth leaving my dogs in a kennel and pay for it.  I will have less stress each time I go on vacation.  
Besides the fact that I have to make sure that my dogs are well-taken care of while I'm away, I need to make sure that the people I'm leaving my dogs with are not inconvenienced and after all, I think they love my dogs as much as I do.  

So, tonight - I've decided that the next time I go away, I would pay and leave my dogs in a kennel.  There's no reason for me to be treated as if I haven't done my best to minimize their inconvenience in doing me this favor. 

This way, everything will be fair.  No stress... no friendships lost.

Model Agency - Christian Geisselmann from Vlbg Flash on Vimeo.