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It's getting warmer guys. Male Celebrities in Flip Flops! (PHOTOS)

Before you know it, summer will be here. I just love men in flip flops. I won't consider myself a guy with foot fetish but if you call loving men in flip flops having foot fetish, so be it. I just won't consider myself that.

I've always adored men with very meticulously clean toenails. I think it's more about my love for grooming and personal hygiene that made me this way. I just hate seeing goodlooking guys with the worst personal hygiene. It turns me off big time.

So, when I see men in flip flops, the first thing I try to notice is how neat their toes are. If the toenails are properly clipped, I glance at their heels. Some men have very smooth heels that they look as if they belong to an infant. That, drives me crazy.

Not all feet are beautiful, it comes in different shapes and sizes. The best ones are the clean ones! Ha!

So guys, if you are planning on wearing flip flops a lot this summer, please make sure that your toenails are trimmed and clean - - and better yet, use cocoa butter at night and give your feet a massage. It helps keep your feet moisturized. Yes, straight men do that too!