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Is there a release form?

My personal trainer. He is an awesome looking kid - turning 20 years of age in a few months, 6" tall, blonde hair, blue eyes. He was approached by an "alleged" professional photographer at the gym, claiming that he is an agent for a modeling agency. To make the long story short, my trainer (in short of cash to say the least) was told that the photographer was looking for someone with his size, physique and look for his magazine and would pay a fee to new models who are interested. In order for his claim to be authentic, he had magazines with him to prove that he is a professional photographer showing his name on the side of the photos on the magazine. He handed his business card to my trainer and said, "keep in touch".

A couple of months later, I am told by my trainer that they had their "test photo shoot" with him wearing nothing but underwear, bikinis and all types of "weird" clothing. It was not even done in a studio, but rather - the photographer's basement. Hello!! I felt that it was kinda off for a "professional" photographer to be doing that without any written agreement with his models. I asked my trainer if he had been given any papers with the photographer's signature, guaranteeing that his pictures will not be published anywhere without consent.

My trainer, being young that he is asked me, "What's that?"


I told him to speak with his "friend photographer" and ask for documentation with a guarantee that he is not to release the photographs to anyone unless he has given him written consent. Otherwise, his picture may end up here! :D