The Wonders of Summer

All Winter long, we waited and wanted warm weather. It's a ritual that everyone of us have gone through. We want the sun, sand and surf.
Now that it's here...just as we do in the winter, we complain about how hot and humid it is outside. We turn up the air-conditioner so low just to escape the heat.

All-in-all, it's simply our nature. To want what we don't have and to take for granted what we do have.
The truth is, we enjoy the seasons and we are lucky to have the weather changes that we go through.
We do have one thing to learn. That is to enjoy what we have and savor it as if it's not going to last forever. In reality, it doesn't. So, pack up your coolers and your beach chairs...head on to the beach and enjoy life as it was designed to be enjoyed.
Summer will be gone before you know it. Enjoy guy-watching this summer...and better yet...have a great summer folks!