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Sometimes it just won't fit.

Online love affairs can be successful - don't get me wrong. But from my experience, it has never worked. It is totally different when you speak to someone online, chat via Skype or Yahoo Messenger - or even chat over the phone than meeting someone in person. I have met so many guys online in my time. We could have easily clicked over the phone and thought we were so in love with each other. Then, the moment of truth comes and you meet in person. The fire fizzles... it dies.

Why does that happen? I can't know for certain but I know I've learned my lesson. Instead of hurting someone or get hurt in the process of online dating, I would never want to get to know anyone online again. It's either I get hurt, or I hurt someone because the chemistry online is simply not the same in person.

Has that ever happened to you? What are your thoughts on dating someone online? Is Cyberlove the way to go? Personally, I don't think so.

I recently gave it another chance. Maybe - - jussst maybe it will work. It didn't. It was my fault because I should have known better. I ended up hurting someone who's totally sweet and kind. I thought that I could make it work. I thought, I'm more mature now and can handle an online relationship. I was wrong.

So folks, if you are thinking about it or going through an online relationship - - think twice. No, think thrice! It may be better to end it now and hurt someone than drag it on only to do the same thing later. Take my advice. I just went through it.

While you're thinking - - here's Jon Micklow from AAG. Enjoy!

Phot Credit: Allamericanguys.com