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Summer is here boys! What best time to get fit other than summer?

You've done this too I'm sure. You look in the mirror and you see something that you don't like. A little belly perhaps, love handles? We all do it. We try to be fit during the summer months because everyone who has worked hard all winter long - going to the gym, working out and eating well are reaping the hard work they have done. They can go out shirtless as they walk on the street or we simply watch them walk around us and we wonder, "How did he get that kind of body?"

It's not too late. There's still time to catch up. If you haven't been to the gym since Fall of last year, you have to get up and go. Your ass was created to sit only when you're absolutely exhausted. You were created to move!

Imagine when men had to haunt for their family's food. They had no time to sit down by the television and wait for their beer to be handed to them! They had to go out and move to feed their family.

Work in our terms nowadays doesn't involve much physical work and therefore, we have to do more to keep our bodies in shape.

To get started, why don't we all go to the gym three times a week and spend 20 minutes each time running through the treadmill or using the elliptical machine. Possibly stationary biking would do you good if that's what you prefer. One thing we have to do is learn how to be always on the move so we can burn those calories.

If you want to look anything like these guys - - we have to start somewhere. Before we start lifting, let's lose some weight first.

Are you ready?